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Mingvape Sandglas Gravity Bong

Brand: Mingvape
Product Code: Migvape Sandglas Gravity Bong
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Mingvape Sandglas Gravity Bong

The Mingvape Sandglas gravity bong from the Mingvape company is a new version of the classic Bong. The Mingvape Sandglas gravity bong features reverse airflow technology, a non-contact smoke exhaust system, and a 360° rotation activation designed from high-quality materials. Also, the Mingvape Sandglas gravity bong features a simple line and two bowls of sandglass shape designed with a stable base. Moreover, the Sandglass Gravity Bong kit has a three-foot silicone hose for direct consumption that magnetically attaches to the mouthpiece. The Mingvape Sanglass gravity bong operates with concentrates, dry herbs, flowers, and leaves and fits totally with all 14mm smoking accessories.

Sandglas Gravity Bong Design

The Sandglas gravity bong employs a compact size and attractive design. The Sandglas gravity bong measures 330mm by 184mm by 202mm, weighs 2530 grams, and is available in black color. In addition, the Sandglas gravity bong, crafted of high-quality glass and anodized aluminum, features durability and will work for a lifetime under good care. The Sandglas gravity bong has a flat stand for convenient use on horizontal surfaces. The Sandglas gravity bong is perfectly created for users that love good and unique smoking devices.


The Mingvape Sandglas features two large water bubblers that produce smooth, clean vapors. Unlike other dry herb vaporizers, The Mingvape Sandglas employs no display, buttons, USB ports, batteries, or other electrical parts. Instead, the gravity bong operates by activating kinetic motion through cascading water displacement, opposition technology, and the gravitational pull of gravity. The Mingvape Sandglas electronic cigarette starts to work when the glass bowls are rotated, providing vapers with a compelling experience. The water generates a vacuum as it descendens the base chamber, which draws in the smoke produced by the burning bowl. Moreover, the water moves the smoke when turning the glass bowls again, allowing the user to inhale it without touching or pulling from the mouthpiece.

Cleaning Process

The device features effortlessly removable glass bowls and attachments. First, remove the glass parts and wash them using alcohol. After that, utilize q-tips with alcohol to remove the residues, and let them dry before using. The stems may be dipped in alcohol for a rinse too. Besides, all the removable parts wash only by hand.

Main Benefits

Large Water Capacity

Distinctive Design

A Large Amount of Steam

Unique Smooth Inhaling Experience

Compatible with 14mm Smoke Accessories

Mingvape Sandglas Gravity Bong Features:

Brand: Mingvape

Model: Sandglas

Chambers: 2

Material: Glass+Aluminum

Depth: 330mm

Height: 184mm

Width: 202mm

Weight: 2530g

Color: Black

Mingvape Sandglas Gravity Bong Includes:

1x Triangle Hose

1x Hookah Stick

1x Glass Hookah

1x Flower Pot

1x Hookah Bowl

1x Hookah Bowl Adapter

1x Coal Pan

User Manual

Safety Tips

Do not use the device if some of the removable parts or glass compartments are damaged;

Store the device in a dry place;

Do not drop and shock the vaping device. Glass parts are very gentle;

Keep it away from children, pets, and direct sunlight;

Use only filtrated water to fill the device;

Do not overfill the glass compartment with water;

Clear the device after each session before storage.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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