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GV Lit Dry Herb Vaporizer

Brand: GVTech
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Dry Herb Vaporizer - GV Lit

The GV Lit is a portable dry herb vaporizer with a convection baking combustion-free vaping method. The GV Lit dry herb vaporizer features an internal rechargeable Li-Poly battery with a capacity of 2200mAh, double-layer ceramic structure chamber, interchangeable mouthpieces, OLED display with digital control, and vibration feedback.

GV Lit Battery

A comprehensive internal battery with a large capacity of 2500mA may serve for an entire day since it produces 15-20 vaping sessions. Due to this, the battery gives the vaporizer a decent run time, and it lasts for a reasonable period as well. 

GV Lit Charging

The Micro-USB charging cable connects on the bottom and recharges through AC/USB adapter with 5V/0.5A maximum output. While charging, the screen displays the charging icon, and the indicator will flash blue light, showing that it is accepting the charge. The indicator light changes to consistent blue light once the unit completes recharging. It takes 2-3 hours to charge the vaporizer fully and automatically shuts off once done. Besides the overcharge protection, the vaporizer protects from over-discharging, overheating, and short-circuit. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer Operation

The menu on the screen of the dry herb vaporizer is user-friendly and straightforward to use. Press consecutive five times on the power button to turn on the unit. The screen comes on instantly, and vibration feedback confirms that it is ready to be used. It remembers the previous settings, and the temperature stays the same from the last session—the temperature changes with two buttons, up and down, below the screen. When everything is ready, press the power button once, and the vaporizer starts five minutes vaping session. 


In a short time, the weedvape reaches the selected temperature, and after that, it’s ready to take a hit. Preparing time is different and depends on the desired temperature. For example, to reach 300℉ takes 15 seconds, and in 25 seconds reaches 435℉.

Vibration Feedback

To make the experience even better, the GV Lit dry herb vape employs vibration feedback, and once the vaporizer reaches the temperature, it causes a vibration. So users don’t have to watch the numbers on the screen anymore; vibration feedback notifies that the dry herb vape is ready.

Weedvape Airflow

The airflow is an essential factor in vaping process, and the GV Lit weedvape features a simple but very effective airflow system. The air vents are constructed behind the chamber, and the air comes to the chamber directly in the shortest way. Besides that, it’s the most insulated part of the weedvape that creates better airflow because the incoming air is colder.

Weed Oen Mouthpiece

For convenience, the GV Lit has two types; flat and glass mouthpiece included in the kit. The flat mouthpiece gives discreet and optimal performance and responds comfortably. The glass mouthpiece delivers flavorful draws, allows watching the vapor drawn from the weedvape. The GV Lit mouthpiece replacement kit with flat and glass mouthpieces is available in our store.

Odorless Vaporizers

The GV Lit employs a convection vaping method, unlike the conducted weed oen or other dry herb vaporizers that burn the weed with the intense vapor production. Instead, the GV Lit bakes the flower buds in the chamber in temperatures between 300 and 435; it crystallizes the ferments into the smokeless vapor that comes out almost without the clouds. Odorless vaporizers products a clear vapor and pure taste.

Atmos Astra 2 VS GV Lit

The Atmos Astra 2 and the GV lit are identical units, and all the accessories are compatible, including weed oen mouthpieces. 

Dry Herb Vaporizer Specifications:

Brand: GVTech

Model: Lit

Product Type: Dry Herb Vaporizer 

Battery Type: Internal Rechargeable [Li-Poly Battery]

Battery Capacity: 2200mah 

Vaping Temperature: 300℉ - 435℉ [180℃ - 220℃]

Mouthpiece Type: Flat Mouthpiece & Glass Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Connections: Press-Fit

Airflow: Isolated Path

Heating Chamber: Dual-Layer Ceramic Structure

Vaping Method: Convection Heat

420℉ Preheat Time: 25 Seconds [Vibration Feedback]

OLED Screen Displays Current Temp / Desired Temp / Battery Level

Smart Start Memory: Automatically Heats To Last Temperature

Combustion-Free & Odorless Vapor

5-Clicks: On/Off

Session Duration Time: 5 Minutes [Auto Shuts Off]

Over-Discharge Protection: Indicator Blinks Red 10 Times

Overcharge Protection: Automatically Disconets Charging

Charging Method: AC/USB Max Output 5V/500mA

Charging: Type-C Cable

Height: 104mm

Width: 31mm

Depth: 22mm 

Weight: 115g

GV Lit Weed Vape Includes:

1x GV Lit Vape [Preinstalled Flat Mouthpiece]

1× Glass Mouthpiece

One Micro-USB Charging Cable

Picking Tool & Cleaning Brush

User Manual

How To Use Weed Vape

How to load? Remove the mouthpiece from the weedvape by lightly pushing the tip of the mouthpiece forward. Load the chamber with the dry herbs and slightly press it with the other side of the picking tool that comes in the kit. Do not overfill the chamber with the dry herb, do not reach the screen on the mouthpiece. When the heating chamber is filled with the dry herb, reattach the mouthpiece back to the place.

How to operate the dry herb vape?

Next, select the desired temperature with two small buttons up and down. Press once at the power button, and the temperature will grow until it reaches the selected point. Short vibration will notify that it's ready to vape. The temperature will stay the same for five minutes before it shuts off, or you can cancel it at any time by pressing the power button once again.

Vaping Session

Once the temperature is adjusted and the device is activated, the unit will retain its temperature for five minutes, allowing you to enjoy the flower or herb to the maximum at the adjusted temperature. The temperature of this device doesn’t rise on its own, leading to the burning of the flower. Instead, the weed vape keeps the temperature at the selected point, bakes the buds, and allows you to enjoy the flower to the fullest. The weed vape automatically shuts off after five minutes of vaping. Therefore, press the power button once again to activate another five minutes ape session if you desire more, or the next person is waiting in line. However, do not overheat the device, and turn it off if it gets too hot. Also, do not leave the dry herb vaping on the wet surface and avoid direct contact with the water.

Protecting the Battery with Over-Discharge 

To save the battery from being fully drained, the GV Lit weed vape employs over-discharge protection. Once the voltage falls under a certain point, the device automatically goes off. To prolong a battery lifespan, charge the battery fully before using the weed oen and always charge the battery fully and only on a dry surface.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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