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Metrix Wuukah Nano E-Rig

Brand: Metrix
Product Code: Leaf Buddi Wuukah
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Leaf Buddi Wuukah Nano | Metrix Wuukah E-Rig

The Leaf Budi Wuukah Nano is a compact electronic rig vaporizer to utilize wax and concentrates. In collaboration with the Leaf Buddi, the Metrix Wuukah Nano unites the latest technologies of two brands. 

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Limited Edition

The Metrix Wuukah Nano and Leaf Buddi Wuukah limited edition is the same palm-sized electronic dab rig. This eye-catching portable wax electronic cigarette measures around 130mm in height and approximately 30mm in diameter. With ergonomic form, the Leaf Buddi Wuukah e-rig is very comfortable and perfectly fits in the palm.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Dab Rig Battery

With a capacity of 1200mAh, the Leaf Buddi Wuukah dab rig integrated battery offers five temperature settings. The LED lights change color according to the chosen voltage level: white - 2.7V, orange - 3.1V, green - 3.4V, blue - 3.8V, and red - 4.2V.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Nano Recharging

The Micro-USB charging cord connects to the bottom of the unit. The unit recharges in approximately an hour and a half, but you can use the Wuukah Nano while charging with a pass-through charging method. Equipped with overheat protection, overtime protection, short-circuit protection, over-discharge, and overcharge protection. 

Wuukah Leaf Buddi Coils Compatibility

Like most wax pens, the Leaf Buddi Wookah dab rig employs a conduction heat method. Mounted in a ceramic base, a unique Metrix Wuukah Nano replacement coils with a Quartz pourest flat surface for better absorption assures a pure taste.

Metrix Wuukah E-Rig Water Bubbler

For smooth vapor and better taste glass mouthpiece fills with water; however, it works excellently even without the water. Moreover, the mouthpiece easily connects with the unit with a convenient push-fit installation method. 

Metrix Wuukah Nano Features:

Brand: Metrix

Model: Wuukah Nano

Product Type: Electronic Dab Rig

Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable

Battery: 1200mAh

Variable Voltage: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V

Vaping Method: Conduction Heat

Mouthpiece: Glass Water Bubbler

Airflow: Isolated Path

Single Button Operation

LED Indicator Light

5-Clicks: On-Off Switch

3-Clicks: Power Switch

2-Clicks: Preheating [1-Click To Cancel]

Over-Discharge Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Overcharging Protection

Charging Method: AC/USB [5V/500mA]

Charging: Micro-USB Port

Height: 130.0mm

Width: 32.0mm

Depth: 28.0mm

Weight: 53.2g

Metrix Wuukah Nano Includes:

1x Wuukah Nano e-Rig

1x Glass Bubbler Mouthpiece

1x Quartz Coil

1x Loading Tool

1x Charging Cord

User Manual

How To Use Metrix Wuukah E-Rig

Before Anything

The device has to be charged in full to avoid the issue with the battery. Connect the Micro-USB cable to the device and AC/USB adapter with a maximum of 5V/500mA. With overcharge protection, the device automatically stops charging when it is complete. However, to be safe always, do not leave the unit charging unattended.


When the device is being charged in full, promptly press the button five times to activate the vaping device. Remove the mouthpiece, and hold the button to clean the coil by burning everything from the surface. Next, select the temperature by pressing the consecutively three times the button, and the temperature will switch one level up. The chosen settings identify by colored LED lights that change according to the selected level: white - 2.8V, orange - 3.0V, green - 3.5V, blue - 3.7V, and red - 4.0V.

Water Bubbler

From the top, fill the mouthpiece approximately ¾ inch with clean water. To avoid water splashes, do not overfill the bubbler. 

Preheat Mode

With included loading tool, fill the wax to the coil, and install the glass mouthpiece. Optionally, the Wuukah Nano can use the Preheat mode to melt the wax. Promptly press the button twice to activate fifteen seconds of preheat with a power of 1.8V, and press the button once at any time to deactivate preheat processing. 

Final Step

Once ready, press the button and inhale; it’ll work for twelve seconds before it stops automatically.

LED Light Diagram

3-flashes all lights: short-circuit.

5-flashes: low battery.

8-flashes: continuously used for more than 12 seconds.

3-second flashes: overheat protection

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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