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Loka Vape Pen Battery 900mAh

Brand: Loka
Product Code: Loka Vape Pen Battery 900mAh
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Loka Vape Pen Battery 900mAh

The Loka vape pen's battery has a capacity of 900mAh and requires a two-hour charging cycle. It offers variable voltage settings ranging from 2.7V to 4.2V and has a preheat function and bottom dial voltage control. Additionally, the vape pen features a 510 thread, manual starting mode, and a cable charging type.


  • Variable Voltage
  • Preheat Function
  • Bottom Dial Voltage Control
  • Lightweight & Discreet


The Loka Twist battery weighs around one ounce and is generally considered a lightweight, portable vape battery. It's available in various colors and designs. The center part of the device holds a metallic power button, while the upper part has a USB port. The Loka Twist battery is a portable and modest device.


The GV Cito Plus offers unique street art designs created in a limited series.


Consider choosing the Cookie battery color for your vape. It features a dark background with Rick and Morty cartoon characters and Cookie text, adding playfulness to your vaping sessions. The Rick and Morty cartoon characters will make your sessions more enjoyable and memorable.

White Runty

The White Runty is a standout color option for the small cart battery. It features various shades, from a bright hue for the body to a matte finish and high-quality prints of Rick and Morty cartoon characters. This vaping device is a fun and unique addition to your vaping collection.

Trippy Mushroom

The Trippy Mushroom Color option is perfect for those seeking a colorful mini vape pen with a unique design reminiscent of an out-of-this-world experience. Featuring smoking cartoon characters swirling around trippy mushrooms, this mini vape pen battery is perfect for those looking for something unique.

The Trippy Vehicle

The Trippy Vehicle artwork will surpass your expectations if you enjoy vibrant colors and fun characters. This cartridge battery color option has a retro design with different colors and shades, like vintage cars. It also features smoking cartoon characters.

Bee Backwoods

The Bee Backwoods artwork is a must-have for fans of the famous Backwoods cigar brand. This cartridge battery vape option features yellow shades and cartoon smoking bees. It will take you on a euphoric high, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a pop of color to their accessories while showing off their love for the famous brand.


The Loka 510 Twist battery has a capacity of 900mAh and a 510-thread connection. Also, the Loka 510 Twist battery employs a variable voltage option with four pre-adjusted variants—the voltage option switches by a bottom dial control. For more convenience, the Loka 510 Twist battery matches a preheat function. Moreover, the Loka Twist Battery is compatible with almost all the 510-thread cartridges on the market.

Variable Voltage Battery

Unlike most 510 vape pens, the Loka Twist 510 battery enables a variable voltage mode. The bottom side of the Loka Twist 510 battery holds a dial control with four pre-adjusted options: 2.7V /3.2V /3.7V/ 4.2V. The required charging time for the Loka Twist Battery to be fully charged is approximately two hours. 


  • Product Type: Vape Pen Battery
  • Battery Capacity: 900mAh
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Connection: 510 Thread
  • Charging Type: Cable
  • Voltage Capacity: 2.7V-4.2V
  • Preheat Function: Yes
  • Bottom Dial Voltage Control: Yes
  • Weight: 22g


  • 1x Loka Vape Pen Battery


  • Keep the device away from sun exposure, water, or flammable things.
  • Charge the battery fully before utilizing the kit to prolong the battery lifespan.
  • Avoid total discharges.
  • Leaving the kit for extended periods with a low battery is not recommended.
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Power off the device before cleaning.
  • Please wait until all the device parts cool off before touching them with your hands.
  • Always utilize proper precautions.
  • Refuse to use the kit if it is broken in any way.
  • Refuse to charge the kit on a wet surface.
  • Do not leave the device unattended during the recharging process.
  • By screwing the cartridge into the device, do not forget to check if small foreign objects, dust, or small impurities do not interfere with the thread. If you feel difficult when the cartridge is screwed in, clean the thread with a dry napkin.
  • If your battery is charged but heating the filler in the cartridge does not begin, unscrew the cartridge and clean the connection.
  • Make sure to read first the user manual of the kit before utilizing it.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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