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Lookah Seahorse Pro

Brand: Lookah
Product Code: Seahorse Pro Lookah Dab Pen
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Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen

The Lookah Seahorse Pro dab pen is a nectar collector to use with wax, an upgraded version of the original Lookah Seahorse dab pen. However, the aesthetics and design of the Lookah Seahorse dab pen remain as before, but the issues with the previous model have been noted and fixed in the new Seahorse Pro dab pen. The distinctive mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning, and transparent glass lets you see the evaporated wax's vapor via the glass mouthpiece. The Seahorse Pro dab pen connects with a glass rig or water pipe; the included silicone tube fits on the mouthpiece and another side to the water pipe. The universal 510 thread connection adds multifunctionality and allows the Seahorse Pro dab pen to be utilized with vape cartridges.

Seahorse Nectar Collector Operation

With an internal rechargeable battery, the Seahorse nectar collector holds a capacity of 650mAh, enough power to complete more than ten full dab sessions on a single charge. The Seahorse nectar collector also features a single-button operation with a three-tier temperature output. Additionally, the Lookah Seahorse Pro features Wax Exclusive Mode; the vaporizer begins with fifteen seconds of preheat mode and then continually holds the temperature for thirty seconds to provide enough time for the perfect hit.

Seahorse Pro Tips

To provide pure taste and superb vapor production, the Lookah Seahorse Pro tips are composed of food-grade porous Quartz and are designed to be used in touch style. They are allowed to grab concentrates directly from the jar or container. Besides that, another type of Seahorse Pro tip offers a choice of ceramic coils, which are sold separately. 

Recharging Lookah Nectar Collector

The Lookah nectar collector recharges through a Micro-USB cable; it links with the dab pen on the flank and connects to the AC/USB adapter with a maximum output of 5.0V/0.5A.


Product Type: Dab Nectar Collector

Model: Lookah Seahorse Pro

Battery Capacity: 65OmAh

Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable

Coils Replaceable: Yes

Connection: Screw-In 51O Thread

Coils Compatibility: Lookah Seahorse Coils

Resistance Range: 1.OΩ – 1O.OΩ

Temperature Levels

Low - 3.2V

Medium - 3.6V

High - 4.1V

Temperature Colors

Low: Blue

Medium: Purple

High: White

Safety Protections



Low/High Resistance



Charging Requirements

AC/USB Current: Max 5.0V/0.5A

Charging Compatibility: Micro-USB

Charging Time: Two Hours

Color Options

Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Gray


Height: 95.5mm

Width: 44.5mm

Depth: 12.5mm

Weight: 90.0g

Seahorse Pro Dab Pen Included:

1x Lookah Seahorse Pro Dab Pen

1x Tip Adapter

1x 14/18mm Adapter

1x Silicone Hose

1x Cleaning Brush

1x Micro-USB Cable

User Manual

Seahorse Pro User Manual

Please read the Seahorse Pro user manual if you've questions on how to use it:

  • Make sure that the battery is charged. 
  • To unlock the device from the child lock, press the power button five times consecutively; once the vaping device activates, the LED light starts working.
  • Select the temperature by pressing the power button consecutively and select one of the temperature levels designated with three colors: blue - low, purple - medium, and white - high.
  • Manual Mode: after selecting the temperature, press and hold the button for a few seconds to preheat the tip, and start vaping afterward.
  • Wax Exclusive Mode: press the power button consecutively three times; the Seahorse Pro preheats the tip for the first fifteen seconds, and the LED light will flash the whole time. The Seahorse Pro will hold the selected temperature for thirty seconds before turning off. 

Seahorse Pro Tips and Tricks

To get maximum performance, read helpful Seahorse Pro tips and tricks. 

  • Using a water pipe, the silicone hose with an adapter connects to the mouthpiece and a second side to the glass rig downstream.
  • Leftovers of concentrates clog the airpath, and it becomes nearly impossible to open the path again. To ensure the long lifespan of the coils, burn the wax leftovers off the coil at the end of the vaping session.
  • Don't use a cleaning brush to clean the coils because the tips are fragile and damaged.

Seahorse Pro Limited Edition

The Seahorse Pro Limited Edition dab pens were developed with unique colors that stand out. 

  • Tyrian Limited Edition, the selection color for sovereigns as the Tyrian Gold limited edition, adds a special feeling to each vaping session. 
  • Tie-dye Limited Edition adds a psychedelic splash of dye to glow up dabbing sessions.
  • Camo Limited Edition makes dabbing sessions into special force missions.

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