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Mistlane LINK

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Mistlane LINK Vape Pen 

The Mistlane LINK vape pen is a 2-in-1 vaporizer designed for dry herbs and wax fillers. The Mistlane LINK vape pen employs the temperature window and features a patent push-cleaning design. Fearthuremore, the Mistlane LINK vape pen case has a compact design, crafted from stainless steel and aluminum alloy. This device is suitable for lovers of compact and easy-to-use vaporizers.

Mistlane LINK Mechanical Vaporizer Design

The Mistlane LINK mechanical vaporizer features a case of 14mm by 110mm, with a fully removable case. In addition, the Mistlane LINK mechanical vaporizer features three types of color options. The top side of the device employs the stainless still mouthpiece, and the bottom side features a compartment for the dry herbs and wax. 

Mistlane LINK Functionality

The LINK features an easy-to-use operating method. The LINK is a mechanical vaporizer with no battery, buttons, or display. The filler is heated using an open fire. Moreover, the device is equipped with a temp window to determine the optimal heating temperature. 

Temp Window

To understand when the device reached the optimal temperature, the compartment for the filler employs a small window. The window holds the black thermo-plate that changes color to silver when the optimal temperature reaches.

Water bubbler compatibility

Unlike other mech mods, the Mistlane LINK pairs the glass bubblers with a 14mm adapter. Also, such a decision pair this device with most water bubblers and increases the vape experience.

LINK Mistlane Cooling System

The stainless steel heating oven employs a cooling system. The air intake holes are located all around the tube. More than that, such a solution allows cooling steam for pleasant inhalation.

Deep Cleaning

Besides, this device is easy to use and convenient for deep cleaning. The vape pen disassembles in eight parts: mouthpiece, nut, holding tube, spring, changeable mesh screen, filler compartment, and oven chamber. Furthermore, the cleaning process can be done within the alcohol liquid or with the Vivismoke ultrasonic cleaner mini.

LINK Features:

Brand: Mistlane

Product Type: Mechanical Vaporizer

Material: Stainless Steel/ Aluminum Alloy

Height: 110mm

Diameter: 14mm

LINK Includes:

1x LINK Vape Pen

1x Concentrate pad

2x Mesh screen

1x Brush


User manual

User Manual

Unpack the device;

Prepare the filler [if you are using the wax filler, load the concentrate pad into the oven chamber first, and then load the wax;

Heat the oven chamber;

Check the color of the temp window. If the color is silver, you are ready to go;

When the vape session is over, clean the oven chamber with a simple finger push;

We suggest cleaning the device once a couple of sessions by disassembling it completely.

Besides, a cleaned device provides a pure taste of the filler, with no impurities or residues from several last sessions. Also, deep cleaning will prolong the device's lifespan.


Since this device works from open fire, be very careful. Do not touch the heated tip with your hands to avoid burns.

In addition, using automatic incendiary devices, always turn them off after heating your vape device to avoid burns and fires.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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