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SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig

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SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig 2600mAh

The SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig presents a combination of style and functionality that is truly exceptional. The SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig design is sleek, and attention to detail is impeccable, making it a remarkable piece of artwork that dab enthusiasts will appreciate. This device features variable temperature mode, preheat mode and a package with all necessary accessories. Furthermore, the SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig runs on an integrated battery with vast power capacity to ensure long-lasting vaping sessions.

SOC Dab Rig Appearance

Regarding aesthetics, the SOC Dab Rig features convenient shapes. The SOC Dab Rig case and the glass bubbler measure 160mm high. The case features the following dimensions: 90mm x 67mm and weighs 257g. Moreover, the SOC E Rig case is designed in such a way as to stand on a flat surface confidently. The top side of the SOC Vape case employs a glass bubbler held tight by an O-ring. The front side of the SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig holds a single firing button with an integrated LED indicator. The back side of the device features a charging port. The SOC Dab Rig comes in several colors: purple, silver, blue, pink, red, and gold.

SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig

Soc Vape Glass Bubbler

The SOC Vape bubbler is crafted from borosilicate glass. The SOC Vape glass bubbler performs the function of the filter and cooler. Water poured into a SOC Vape glass bubbler during vaping cleans the inhaled steam and cools it in parallel, making the steam less harsh.

SOC E Rig Performance

The SOC E Rig runs on an integrated 2600mAh battery. The battery charges via a USB cord with a power of 5V/1A. The battery recharges in around one hour and a half. The SOC E Rig chip operates the battery to enable the temperature from 450° F to 600° F. The device turns on by pressing the firing button five times.

Furthermore, the firing button also operates the SOC E Rig adjustable temperature mode. To check the remaining battery life of the SOC Dab Rig, press the power button once while it's on. The LED indicates 4 battery levels:

100% - 75% [Blue]

75% - 50% [Green]

50% - 25% [Orange]

25% - 0% [Red] 

Soc Electric Dab Rig Temperature Control

The SOC Electric Dab Rig features adjustable temperature control like the most famous wax pens. The integrated chip enables four temperature levels for the SOC Electric Dab Rig.

  • 450° F- Blue
  • 500° F- Green
  • 550° F- Orange
  • 600° F- White

To change the temperature option, press it three times in a row. The SOC Electric Dab Rig temperature options change by pressing three times the firing button. The LED indicator, integrated into the firing button, displays the chosen option. 

SOC Enail Sesh Mode

The SOC Enail employs a 15-second preheating mode. Double-click the button to share or increase vapor production when the SOC Enail reaches the desired temperature to activate "sesh mode." After 15 seconds, the sesh mode will automatically shut down.

SOC Rig Heating Element

The SOC Rig employs a removable heating element. The heating element features a screw-in connection and is designed from the following parts:

  • Metal Atomizers
  • Ceramic Bowl
  • Ceramic Cover
  • Silicone Cover

The SOC Rig ceramic bowl produces no collateral flavor and extracts pure filler taste. Since the SOC Rig operates between 450° F and 600° F, the silicone cover protects from the occasional burn. Furthermore, for convenient use, the heating element features a carb cap. A silicone lanyard holds the carb cap to eliminate the possibility of loss.

SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig Features

Model: SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig

Product Type: Electrical Dab Rig

Power: 2600mAh

Charging Time: 2 hours

Temperature Range: 450F - 600F

Heat-Up Time: 20 seconds

Charging AC/USB: 5V/1A

Charging Port: USB

Height: 160mm

Width: 90mm

Depth: 67mm

Mass: 257g

Material: Metal/Glass/Ceramic

Puffco Peak For Sale Includes

1x SOC Puffco Peak Vaporizer

1x SOC Puffco Peak Atomizer

1x Glass Bubbler

1x Carb Cap

1x Heating Element Cover

3x Ceramic Bowls

3x Cotton Swabs

2x Alcohol Pads

1x Loading Tool

1x Wax Container

USB Cord

How do you use a SOC vape?

  • Unboxing the device and acquainting yourself with its contents. Verify the presence of all components, including the SOC enail, heating element, charging cable, glass bubbler, carb cap, and loading tool. 
  • Connect the charging cable to the SOC Peak Electric Dab Rig and plug it into a suitable power source, such as a laptop or wall charger. While the device charges, assemble the components as directed in the user manual, ensuring a secure and proper connection.
  • Fill the filler into the heating element. Dont overload. Don't use the device with the empty heating element.
  • Pour water into the glass bubbler. Don't overload it.
  • Once the SOC Pufko Peak for sale has sufficiently charged, press the power button five times to activate it. Take note of the LED indicator. The LED light shows that your SOC E Rig is ready for use.
  • Adjust the temperature. The SOC Pufko Peak for sale enables temperature settings to align with your taste. Each temperature option features a different color. To change the temperature option, press the firing button three times.
  • Sound signal. The SOC Dab Rig beeps once when initiating heat up and then twice when complete.

How do I turn off my SOC Dab Rig?

Press the firing button five times consistently to turn off the SOC Dab Rig. The same combination turns the SOC Dab Rig on.

Why is my SOC blinking red?

The SOC Dab Rig is blinking red for several reasons:

6x Fast RED Blink [low battery charge]- the device  Will turn off in 120 seconds if there's no charge. 

Slow RED Blink  [fault detected]- requires diagnostic attention

How do you clean a SOC Dab Rig?

  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% concentration): This potent solvent effectively breaks down and eliminates sticky residue and oils.
  • Kosher salt or coarse sea salt: These abrasive materials aid in loosening and removing stubborn residue.
  • Rubber stoppers or caps: These help plug the openings of the rig during cleaning.
  • Pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, and soft-bristle brushes: These instruments assist in accessing hard-to-reach areas and removing residue.
  • Plastic or glass containers: These containers will be utilized for soaking and rinsing the various components of the dab rig.
  • Gloves: While not obligatory, gloves can shield your hands from potentially harsh chemicals and offer a better grip.
  • Towels or paper towels are necessary for drying and wiping down the rig after cleaning.

The Cleaning Process

  1. Disassembling the SOC Dab RigCarefully disassemble the SOC Dab Rig, separating the components such as the glass bubbler and heating element. Rinse each part individually with warm water to remove any loose debris.
  2. Soaking in Isopropyl Alcohol. Place the disassembled components into separate plastic or glass containers. Fill each container with isopropyl alcohol, ensuring full submersion of the parts. Allow them to soak for at least 30 minutes to dissolve the accumulated residue.
  3. Salt and Shake. After soaking, add a generous amount of kosher or coarse sea salt to each container. The salt acts as a natural abrasive, aiding in removing stubborn residue. Securely seal each container and vigorously shake them for a few minutes, ensuring the salt reaches all areas of the components.
  4. Scrubbing and Rinsing. Gently scrub each component's interior and exterior surfaces using pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, or soft-bristle brushes. Pay close attention to areas with visible residue. Thoroughly rinse each part with warm water to eliminate any remaining alcohol and salt.
  5. Drying and Reassembling. Place all the cleaned components on a towel or paper towel and pat them dry once rinsed. Allow them to air dry ultimately to ensure no moisture remain

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