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The VOOPOO Drag 3 is a vape mod kit, the latest version of the leading and most original series created by one of the most nonordinary brands. Along with the most efficient performance, the VOOPOO Drag 3 combines solid construction and elegant design. Each and every model the VOOPOO ever created were unique and awesome, and the Drag 3 is no exception. With an innovative airflow composition, the new TPP tank pod suits a variety of different pods and is compatible with different coils, and yes, the RTA coil option is available as well. All that is possible because the unique two-part construction with universal 51O base and magnetic pod connection are compatible with multiple pods; TPP 5.5ml pod, TPP 2.Oml pod, PnP 4.5ml pod, PnP 2.Oml pod, PnP MTL 2.Oml pod, PnP RTA 2.Oml pod.

VOOPOO Drag 3 Mod

The VOOPOO Drag 3 kit is the next generation of the VOOPOO Drag 2. The updated Gene Fan 2.O chipset supports various compatible modes and produces ignition speed fast as O.OO1 seconds. Now reading information is more convenient because the 1.O8 TFT color screen positions the information horizontally. The VOOPOO Drag 3 mod supports various output modes; VW mode, SMART mode, RBA mode, SUPER mode, TC Mode available after downloading the updated firmware version.

  • SMART Mode

The letter "S" in the display indicates that the SMART mode is on, so it means the board automatically picks the wattage according to the resistance of the adapted coils. The SMART mode works with an upper power threshold of 6O watts for O.22Ω and operates on TPP and PnP coils. 

  • VW Mode

The most ordinary is a VW mode with manually adjusted power between 5W and 177W.

VOOPOO Drag 3 Battery

The VOOPOO Drag 3 powers by pair of 1865O batteries [not-includes] and with a side-mounted Type-C port enables rapid charging with a 2OOOmA current. Along with that, the Drag 3 utilizes balanced charging and allows to charge two batteries even from different brands. However, the replacement IMR 18650 batteries with 25A of the same brand and model perform more efficiently. The battery compartment is accessible from the bottom of the device under the hinged cover and latch. So next option is to take another pair of 1865O batteries as a replacement and recharge them in the external battery charger.


The name TPP signifies a Tank Pod Push, meaning a tank with a pod push installation method. The VOOPOO TPP tank features a two-piece design, a tank base with a 51O connection, and a vape pod with a magnetic connection. The tank’s base connects to the unit with standard 51O connectors, and the pod sits on the base and connects magnetically. Two-piece construction secures against leakage, and refilling this pod is more convenient. To refill, take out the pod; on the bottom, the refueling port is closed with the rubber plug; take the plug out, refill the pod and close back in, place the pod in place and enjoy. The TPP pod tank holds a maximum capacity of 5.5ml vape juice and is refillable with free-base e-juice. Besides, the TPP pod tank is impenetrable to light drops, managing an impact-resistant structure because it combines strong zinc alloy and PCTG.

Coils Compatibility

Exclusively for the TPP tank, the VOOPOO created a new type of coils. The VOOPOO TPP coils feature new patented technology that increases the heating area and improves the heating speed to produce steady vapor with pure flavor. With two options, the VOOPOO Drag 3 kit includes TPP coils with different resistance of O.15Ω and O.2Ω. Moreover, the 51O tank’s platform is universal, suits the PnP pods, and utilizes the VOOPOO PnP coils or even RBA coil with PnP RBA pods.

Airflow System

The VOOPOO TPP tank implements an innovative "bi-directional convection" airway composition to extend vaping efficiency. Along with that, the TPP tank supports DL or MTL vaping with dual air intake openings and is adjustable with an AFC ring.

VOOPOO Drag 3 Features:


Model: Drag 3

Product Type: Vape Mod

Connection: 51O Thread

External Battery: 1865O Dual Batteries [Excluded]

Wattage 0utput: 5W - 177W

Voltage 0utput: 6.4OV - 8.4OV

Resistance: O.1Ω - 3.OΩ

0utput Mode: VW, SMART, SUPER, RBA

Temperature Mode: Available After Download

Temperature Range: 2OO - 6OO [1OO - 315]

Display: 1.O8" Screen

Chipset: Gene Fan 2.O

Intuitive Power Button: Extreme Ignition O.OO1S

Construction: Zink-Alloy / Leather

Two Tuning Buttons

Bottom Hinged Battery Compartment Lid

IP67 Rating: Water-Resistant, Dust-Resistant, Shockproof

1OS 0vertime Protection

0verheat Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

0ver-Discharge Protection

Battery Reverse Protection

0vercharge Protection

Charging Method: AC/USB [5V/2OOOmA]

Charging: Type-C Port

Height: 138.1mm

Width: 52.2mm



VOOPOO TPP Tank Features:

Tank Connection: 51O Thread

Pod Capacity: 5.5ml

Pod Connection: Push-Fit Magnetic

Filling Method: Bottom-Fill & Rubber Plug [Magnetic Design]

Airflow Control: Bottom Flow Dual Slots [AFC Ring]

Drip Tip: 81O Replaceable

Replaceable Coils: Yes

Coils Connection: Push-Fit

Coils Compatibility: VOOPOO TPP Coils

TPP DM1 O.15Ω Meshed Coil [6O-8OW]

TPP DM2 O.2Ω Mesh Coil [4O-6OW]

Coil Rebuildable: Yes [PnP RTA]

Materials: 3O4 Stainless Steel / PCTG

Patented Anti-Leakage System

Height: 63.2mm

Base Diameter: 25.Omm

Weight - 6Og

VOOPOO Drag 3 Kit Includes:

1x DRAG 3 Mod

1х TPP Tank

1x O.15Ω DM1 Meshed Coil [Preinstalled]

1х O.2Ω DM2 Mesh Coil

1x Type-C Charger

User Manual

Protect the Coils

To protect from leakage and increase coils lifespan, please prime the coils when setting the new coil. Before setting the coil in the pod, using it for the first time, soak the cotton with vape juice inside and outside the coil. Install the coil in the pod, fill it with vape juice and let it soak for five minutes. Remember to reduce the wattage to the minimum suggested by the manufacturer and puff out the first produced steam. Finally, slowly raise the wattage according to your needs and enjoy jour new coils.

Protect the Batteries

The VOOPOO Drag 3 amplifies over-discharge protection to protect the battery from being completely drained. Once the voltage drops under a certain point, the mod will auto shut up until it recharges.

Remember, always charge the batteries in full of prolonging a lifespan.

Button Combinations

  • Simultaneous pressing of "Power" and "+" completely blocks all buttons.
  • Pressing "Power" and "-" simultaneously resets the puff counter.
  • Simultaneous pressing of all buttons opens a menu with technical data about the board.
  • Simultaneously pressing "+" and "-" opens the interface change menu. There are two options here - vertical and horizontal, choose the one that you like.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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