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Wismec Noisy Cricket Mech Mod

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Noisy Cricket by Wismec and designed by Jay Bo is a mechanical Mod with almost unbelievable amounts of power.
The secret behind this is the fantastic dual 18650 serial setup.

  • Material: Aluminium and brass.
  • Hybrid 510 connection.
  • Max 8.4 Volt.
  • Uses two 18650 batteries in a serial setup.
  • Almost no Volt drop.
  • Size: 79mm - 40mm - 22mm.

Noisy Cricket is indeed a handful of power you have to experience to believe.
When we tell you that this Mod kicks like a mule, it is in fact true.

You'll get an amazing 8.4 Volts from fully charged batteries and the hybrid 510 connection ensures minimal Volt drop. The power will be running straight from the batteries and into your coil.

Noisy Cricket is a fully mechanical mod and this means that you have to know what you are doing when using it. There are several things You must remember as 8.4 Volts is powerful enough to do a lot of damage in the blink of an eye.
What you need to know:

  • The batteries in Noisy Cricket must not turn the same way around! You need a minus and a plus-pole in either end. The batteries go minus up where the fire button sits and plus up where your tank goes.
  • When mounting your RDA/RBA (tank) the flat side of the hybrid 510 connector must point up at your tank and the side with the edge down to your battery.
  • The RBA/Rda/tank you use must have a pole that protrudes from the 510 connection. You cannot use a tank where the pole inside sits flush with the threads.

If all or any of this sounds confusing and complicated, the Noisy Cricket is probably not for you. This is a Mod for the experienced vaper!
However, if you have this experience, the Noisy Cricket can be a powerful weapon in your vaping arsenal!

The Mod uses two 18650 batteries in a serial set up and it is highly recommended to use batteries with 35 Amp.
Wismec suggests that you try to find the ideal Ohm for the Mod between 0.25 - 0.5 Ohm.
Again: It is pivotal that you know your battery safety and Ohm's law to be able to use the Noisy Cricket safely. This is not a beginner Mod!

The Mod is made from sturdy aluminum with brass on all contacts for maximum conductivity and has 6 battery vent holes at the bottom.
The Noisy Cricket is 22mm wide and because of the compact design with very little room between the Fire button and the 510 hybrid connectors you can only use tanks of 22mm or less,
The Noisy Cricket is definitely not a Mod for just anyone, but if you can control it, you will get a true battle stallion of a vaper!

Material: Aluminium and brass.
Hybrid 510 connection.
Fire button placed on top of the Mod.
Uses two 18650 batteries in a serial setup.
Max 8.4 Volt.
Almost no Volt drop.
Size: 79mm - 40mm - 22mm.

What you get:
1 x Noisy Cricket by Wismec.

Important information about this Mod:

This is a very powerful Mod with 18650 batteries in a serial setup. It will deliver 8.4 Volt on fully charged batteries.
It features a hybrid 510 connector and your tank's connector pole must protrude from the 510 connection threads of the tank!
You need a thorough knowledge of Ohm's Law and battery safety to operate the Noisy Cricket safely.

The batteries in the Noisy Cricket are set in a serial set up and it is vital that the batteries do not turn the same way!
The minus pole of the battery must turn up at the Fire button and the plus pole must turn up at the 510 hybrid connectors.
If the battery is turned any other way it will lead to damage to the Mod and batteries.

*Batteries are not included but must be bought separately. We recommend that you use batteries of a minimum of 35 Amp.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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