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XMAX PRO V3 Vaporizer

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XMAX V3 PRO Vaporizer

Loads with dry herb or wax with the cap converter, the XMAX V3 PRO vaporizer delivers portability along with productivity. Therefore, the XMAX V3 PRO vaporizer produces a convection vaping method and uses an on-demand or session mode.

XMAX V3 PRO Vape Method

The XMAX V3 Pro vape offers unparalleled performance with less than fifteen seconds of preheating time with the stainless steel chamber. Furthermore, besides dry herb, the XMAX V3 PRO vape utilizes concentrates with a wax cup converter included in the package.

Session Mode

Once the vaporizer is on, it starts warming up automatically, and it will reach the selected temperature in less than fifteen seconds and be ready to use. Once the vaporizer gets the desired temperature, it’s time to enjoy vaping; the vaporizer will stay on while keeping the temperature at the selected point. After four or six-minute of vaping, the vaporizer turns off automatically.

On-Demand Mode

When using the on-demand model, the vaporizer will heat the chamber and keep the temperature with a press of a power button.

Vapor Production

The XMAX V3 PRO dry herb vaporizer adopts a new vaping method and delivers a good vapor. And because of an isolated airpath and additional ceramic airflow transmitter, it produces smooth vapor with a clean taste.

XMAX V3 PRO Wax Compatibility

The XMAX V3 PRO wax cup enables vaping wax or concentrates. The XMAX V3 PRO concentrate cup holds O.1-O.2g of material. Wax or concentrate loads into the cup, and the cup fits into the chamber. For waxing vaping sessions matching temperatures are slightly higher than the range for dry herb vaping.

XMAX V3 PRO Dry Herb Vaporizer Extras

The latest third-generation that comprises all the latest innovations from dry herb vaporizers, Topgreen develops the XMAX V3 PRO dry herb vaporizer even better.  The XMAX V3 PRO dry herb vaporizer features a large display, a simple navigation menu, and the updated vaping method. In addition, the charge level displays on the screen, and over-discharge protection ensures that the heating chamber won’t fully drain the battery.

XMAX V3 PRO Battery

An external 18650 rechargeable battery supplies the energy for XMAX V3 PRO dry herb vaporizer to guarantee the autonomy of work significant period; fully charged battery remains continuous heat for around forty minutes. The battery covers the XMAX V3 PRO battery lid and tights with magnet gravity. 

XMAX V3 PRO Mouthpiece

One of the most updated parts of this model is the XMAX V3 PRO mouthpiece. With heat-resistant plastic construction, the XMAX V3 PRO mouthpiece easily disassembles for complete cleaning to prevent rubble from obtaining clogged. Conveniently, the XMAX V3 PRO mouthpiece tip connects with the vaporizer with the gravity of integrated magnets. In addition, the XMAX V3 PRO mouthpiece is designed with a practical tool for mixing and scraping.  

XMAX V3 PRO Mouthpiece Tip

The XMAX V3 PRO mouthpiece tip measures approximately 24mm x 25mm x 32mm and holds the XMAX V3 PRO filter and special ceramic filter. The XMAX V3 PRO ceramic filter or Zirconia circuit extends the vapor airpath and cools it before it arrives into the mouth. Along with cooling the vapor, the XMAX V3 PRO ceramic filter employs a trap that holds remains during sessions for final filtration. The XMAX V3 PRO ceramic filter makes a second stage filtration and cools down the temperature of the vapor to polish the outcome.

XMAX V3 PRO Metal Filter

Provides the first stage filtration, the XMAX V3 PRO filter features a heat-resistant silicone holder and XMAX V3 PRO screen. The XMAX V3 PRO filter seats with the push-fit method.

XMAX V3 PRO Recharging

The XMAX V3 PRO battery recharges internally with a Type-C charging cable or a compatible battery charger. Meantime, XMAX V3 PRO can use replacement 18650 batteries

Internal Charging

When employing the internal charging method, the Type-C cable connects the charging port on the side of the device with an AC/USB adapter with a maximum output of 5V/1200mA. The XMAX V3 PRO has implemented overcharge protection and automatically stops charging, so do not leave this device charging unattended.

Main Benefits

  • Zinc-Alloy frame with solid construction and elegant design.
  • A sizeable informative screen displays actual data.
  • Dual Modes: 0n-Demand Mode & Session Mode.
  • A scraping tool is integrated into the mouthpiece. 
  • For convenient use, the mouthpiece connects magnetically. 
  • An isolated airpath makes the vapor even cooler.
  • For better taste, a ceramic airflow transmitter makes the vapor cooler.
  • A removable stainless steel filter is an extra layer of filtration.
  • Adopts new technology and amplifies convection heating.
  • It takes less than fifteen seconds for preheating time.
  • Wax cup to use concentrates.
  • A convenient magnetic battery door allows easy battery replacement.
  • Type-C charging cable allows recharging the battery in a short period.

XMAX V3 PRO Manual

The XMAX V3 PRO manual is very adoptive because of the large screen that displays the temperature, heating mode, timer and bake status, and remaining charge level. Would you please read the XMAX V3 PRO manual? First, click the main button quickly three times to activate the vaporizer. To change the temperature, use two buttons below the screen. Click the up and down buttons simultaneously and hold one second to switch between the mode. To change the timer from four minutes to six minutes, simultaneously press the power button and down button. Finally, to switch from Celcius to Fahrenheit, press the power button and up button together at the same time. 

XMAX V3 PRO Features:

Model: XMAX V3 PRO

Product Type: Vaporizer for Dry Herbs & Concentrates

External Battery: 1865O Rechargeable 26OO mah [Li-ion Battery]

Temperature Range: 356℉ - 428℉ [180℃ - 22O℃]

Heating Chamber: Ceramic [Embedded Heating Element]

Vaping Method: Convection Heating

Preheat Time: 15 Seconds

Session Mode Time: 4 or 6 Minutes [Autho Shuts Off]

On/Off: 3-Clicks

Certificate:CE, RoHS, FCC

Over-Discharge Protection

Overcharge Protection

AC/USB Current: [5.0V/1200mA]

Charge Connections: Type-C Cable

Height: 150mm

Width: 27mm

Depth: 24mm 

Weight: 110g

XMAX V3 PRO Vaporizer Includes:

1х XMAX V3 PRO Vaporizer

1x 18650 Battery

1х Concentrate Cup [Wax Converter]

1x Cleaning Brush

1х Charging Type-C Cable

Cotton Swabs

Alcohol Prep Pads

Instruction Manual

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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