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Yocan Loki Nectar Collector

Brand: Yocan
Product Code: Yocan Loki Portable Vaporizer
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Yocan Loki Portable

The Yocan Loki portable vaporizer performs as a nectar collector to flow over the wax or concentrates devised in a petite form but delivers more than looks. Features the latest inventions to deliver smooth puffs, the Yocan Loki portable vaporizer assembles an integrated 65OmAh battery with a three-tier temperature heating level, the XTAL tip, and a Micro-USB port. Furthermore, it retains an aluminum frame that remarkably saves the Yocan Loki portable vaporizer weight creating a superior travel vape. Also, the Yocan designed electric dab straw kit with the best size-to-quality-to-price ratio; as a result, this portable vaporizer is suitable for lovers of modest and consolidated shapes. Furthermore, the Yocan Loki portable vaporizer assures prompt recharging and is entirely rechargeable with a compatible Type-C charger in about an hour.

Yocan Loki XTAL Tip

It contends that the Yocan Loki XTAL tip makes pure, precise vapor production proposing buyers encounter a pristine and tasty vaping free of burnt or toxic scent. The Yocan Loki XTAL tip vaporizer features five airpath channels to maximize the air intake flow. Additionally, the XTAL tip combines ceramic and quartz structures; the Quartz element heats faster while the Ceramic burns slower. As a result, the Yocan Loki XTAL tip, like the best dab pens, proposed a smooth and flavorful customer experience. Integrating two components in one XTAL tip coil creates a perfect setting for the wax to vaporize without combustion. The outcome is the generation of pure vapor with an elevated engagement from organic wax cannabinoids.

Electric Dab Straw Kit

This electric dab straw kit fits 65OmAh integrated battery with dual-mode output and is compatible with a Type-C charger. Hold the main button to employ on-demand mode or push the main button twice to switch on session mode. The battery recharges in full in approximately one hour; the Type-C charge port at the backside connects the electric dab straw with AC/USB adapter with a maximum output of 5.0V/0.7A. Furthermore, the Yocan Loki complies with the electric dab straw product safety and features the following protections; overcharge, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit, and overtime.

Yocan Loki Voltage

The Yocan Loki voltage features three-tier heating options and controls with a single button. The Yocan Loki electric dab straw kit unlocks and locks with five short clicks to prevent accidental discharge. The Yocan Loki electric dab straw kit raises the voltage output with three short clicks. It displays the current level with a multicolor LED light indicator integrated into the main button.

  • Lowest Setting - 3.2V White
  • Middle Setting - 3.7V Blue
  • High Setting - 4.2V Green

Yocan Loki Electric Dab Straw Kit Features:

Product Type: Electric Dab Straw Kit - Nectar Collector

Model: Yocan Loki

Battery Capacity: 65OmAh

Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable

Coils Replaceable: Yes

Connection: Screw-In 51O Thread

Coils Compatibility: XTAL Tip

Resistance Range: 1.0Ω – 9.9Ω

Airflow: Isolated Path

Vaping Method: Conduction Heat

Single Button Operation

Dual Output Mode: On-Demand & Sessions

Variable Voltage: 3-Tier Level

LED Light Indicator

Temperature Levels: 

Low- 3.2V White

Medium- 3.7V Blue 

High- 4.2V Green

Safety Protections:



Low/High Resistance



Charging Requirements

AC/USB Current: Max 5.0V/0.7A

Charging Compatibility: Type-C

Charging Time: One-Hour

Yocan Loki Colors

Yocan Loki Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Purple, Green, and Silver.

Construction: Aluminum Alloy / Zinc Alloy


Height: 136.5mm

Width: 27.5mm

Depth: 13.5mm

Weight: 90.0g

Yocan Loki Kit Includes:

1x Yocan Loki

1x Type-C Charger

Yocan Loki Manual

Yocan Loki Manual

Please read the Yocan Loki manual if you've questions on how to use it:

  • Make sure that the battery is charged. 
  • The child lock unlocks with five consecutive clicks on the power button; the LED light starts working once the device activates.
  • Select The temperature output level selected with three short clicks; the level designated with three colors; white - low, blue - medium, and green - high.
  • On-Demand Mode; after setting the output level, hold the button for a few beats to preheat the tip, and start vaping by holding the power button.
  • Sessions Mode; click the power button consecutively twice; the Yocan Loki manual mode switches to automatic preheat for fifteen seconds, and the LED light will flash the whole time. Next thirty seconds, the Yocan Loki will hold the selected temperature before turning off.

Yocan Loki Tips

  • The Yocan Loki nectar collector is equipped with over-discharge protection to protect the battery from being fully drained. The battery shuts off automatically once the voltage drops to a critical point. Always charge the battery fully and only on a dry surface to prolong the battery's lifespan.
  • To guarantee a decent lifespan of the XTAL tip, fume the wax scraps off the tip at the end of the vaping session. Scraps of wax jam the airflow vents, and it becomes almost impossible to unlock the vent again.
  • Don't utilize a cleaning brush to scrub XTAL tips because the tips aren't too strong and damage easily.

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