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Yocan Pandon - Wax Pen

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Vaping is now a trend, something young people enjoy doing. In this atmosphere of trendiness, vape pen companies are feeling the pressure of competition. There are many varieties of vape pens present in the market today, Yocan Pandon is a product that can stand out for many reasons. There have been many issues regarding vape pens that are not good enough in terms of burning the heat probably, health effects are looked at in this aspect. Yocan Pandon is designed specifically to avoid those issues. Within a brief moment Yocan Pandon was released it made a huge impact on the market, being one of the most successful, selling more than its competitors.

Yocan Pandon is a uniquely designed product and captures attention very easily. This product is slim, designed and manufactured specifically for people who would want to have the experience of holding a pen. This means, the vaping experience is comfortable and does not create the mess that many other vape pens do. Certainly, if people are spending extra money on a product, they want to avoid discomfort, this pen is designed rightly for that purpose. It has a button that allows the quad glass quartz coils to heat quickly. Heating the essential oils smoothly allows the owner to vape properly without any negative effects. Like many other pens, you don’t have to press the button strongly for that to happen, a slight press is all that is needed. The pen is 5 inches long and half an inch thick which makes it very easy to comfortably place it in the pocket. Adjusting power levels is essential to utilize the battery efficiently, too much effort can both destroy the power for the battery to charge and also make the coil to heat without any waste. The voltage control feature enables the battery to last longer and thus make the overall product more efficient and durable. This particular Pandon is designed in such a way that you can benefit from wanting to add extra flavor or several mixes together. There is an LED light that changes color to give you the exact amount of flavor that is there for you to use at different levels.

The product is manufactured with the best materials that are available in the industry. It is a globally sold product and thus carries international standard guidelines that sit top in the list of quality control. Although it is a thin pen, the weight is quite the opposite. This suggests the extra weight is the result of the emphasis that has been put on the materials. In this case, long term durability is highly ensured. In addition, strong materials allow the internal system to operate properly, for example, the coil burns more smoothly not creating any impact on the surface or perhaps even the battery. As many vape reviewers have complained about the problematic features of the battery that is related to the burning and heating of the coil, this very product eliminates that aspect.
To avoid any impurities during the heating process, the pen has the feature of sterilization. When the vaporizer is turned on, pressing the button for about 5 seconds allows the sterilization process to take action. This means the heating elements are sterilized and so all the impurities inside the materials can be avoided if there is any and in such a manner it becomes a healthy vaping experience. Doing this from time to time would ensure you that the battery or the coil won’t come under any type of scrutiny; in terms of being over-heat or destroying the manufacturing elements that can cause damage to the product. Heat levels are usually marked by three colors, Green Light being low setting, Blue Light-medium setting and the White Light indicating the high setting. These different settings are built for you to enjoy vaping at a level you prefer, depending on your mood and standings. Different voltages are good both for the battery life and also for you who can decide how much to vape at what time.

In order to ensure its long-lasting impact, the vaporizer must be maintained and cleaned properly. Cleaning the inside part of the product involves holding it upside down while pressing the button for five seconds, both turning it on and off for about three times. This is called burn-off pressing which allows any residue to melt or evaporate. Give the product some time to cool itself off and after some time disassemble the product by separating the magnetic parts, ensuring they are being cooled properly. Turn the threaded connections counter-clockwise. Keeping them separated, to heal and reenergize on its own, you can use a paper towel to wipe the vaporizer and thus make it clean to give it a fresh new look.
Regular maintenance of such vaporizer will allow you to have the same vaping experience like you did when you first bought it. Since you have spent some money on this product, you must take all the benefits of it, whatever is available for you to its full extent. For this reason, regular and proper care is highly important for the product to function efficiently. Just like a good looking and elegant car needs proper maintenance, this product is also good looking that appears highly elegant and classy. Such class brings a lot of attention to the personality of the user where the whole owning and using a certain vaporizer becomes stylish, something you can be proud of.

It is essential for a vaporizer to have a build quality that matches its vapor quality, without strong and high-quality materials, effective burning is not possible. Yocan Pandon carries all that is needed to provide high-quality vaping experience for its customers. From its functionality to its manufacturing materials, all aspects are top-notch and this is the reason why this product is one of the best in the business.

Long-lasting built-in 1300mAh battery.
Magnetic Cap for easy loading
Magnetic Mouthpiece for easy use
Small and discreet, fits in the palm of your hand
Width - 19mm
Height - 112mm
Weight - 82g

What You Get:
1x Pandon Battery
1x Pandon Atomizer
2x Quartz Double Coils (Pre-installed)
2x Coil Caps
1x Dab Tool
1x USB Charger
User Manual

Not for liquids or e-juice.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to
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