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Yocan Stix Pen

Brand: Yocan
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Yocan Stix Pen - Concentrate Oil Vape Pen Vaporizer

The Yocan pen is one of the most compact and light concentrate vaporizers on the market. The Yocan designed this device with the best size to quality to price ratio. As a result, this all-in-one device is suitable for lovers of modest and compact shapes. The Yocan vaporizer features an internal 320mAh battery, a ceramic coil, a Micro-USB port, and a three-stage heating level. 

Yocan Stix Battery

The Yocan Stix's appearance is modest and ergonomic. This small device is fitted with a 32OmAh integrated battery charged by a Micro-USB port. The small LED light on the bottom indicates the charging progress. The Yocan pen is straightforward because the single firing button executes all functional needs. Moreover, the firing button employs a color LED indicator that displays the selected heating level. 

Monitoring Stix Battery Levels

The device is equipped with an LED indicator that displays the battery level. When the battery level is low, the indicator flashes red, prompting the user to recharge the device. During charging, the indicator displays the progress made. Once fully charged, the indicator turns green, indicating the device is ready for use. Regular monitoring of the Stix battery levels ensures optimal performance and longevity of the device. 

Stix Battery Settings

The Stix battery settings are designed to be user-friendly and efficient. The Stix battery settings include a three-stage variable voltage feature that allows users to customize their vaping experience. By pressing the firing button three times, users can switch between the low (green), medium (blue), and high (red) voltage settings. 

Yocan Stix Voltage

The Yocan vape pen heating options provide a new experience in vaping and features three-stage heating options:

Lowest Voltage Setting - Green

Middle Voltage Setting - Blue

High Voltage Setting - Red

Stix Pen Battery Charging

The Stix pen battery charging process is effortless. The Micro-USB charging port at the bottom of the device connects to the AC/USB adapter with a maximum output of 5.0V/0.5A. Therefore, the battery charges in full in approximately half an hour. Moreover, the Stix has overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, and over-voltage protection.

Stix Cart Battery Coils Compatibility

The Yocan improved one of the essential parts of this all-in-one vaporizer. The ceramic coil updated the heating system with improved flavor, no dry hits, reduced spit-back, and better clouds. In addition, the ceramic coils have a longer lifespan and are easier to clean. So, paired with the ceramic coil, this device will deliver massive, tasty, and pure steam.

How To Use Yocan Stix

The Yocan vaporizer fits the plastic liquid mouthpiece placed on the top of the device. The leakproof mouthpiece acts as a cap and as a chamber. This mouthpiece holds up to 0.6ML of the liquid. To fill the liquid, unscrew the plastic base of the mouthpiece, fill the fluid, and screw the base back. Next, turn the mouthpiece upside-down and screw it into the battery part.

Yocan Stix Maintenance and Care

Regular cleaning of the Yocan vape pen can prevent residue build-up and ensure the device delivers a clean, flavorful vapor every time. To clean the Yocan pen, disassemble the device and gently clean the ceramic coil and the mouthpiece with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol. After cleaning, let the parts air dry before reassembling the Yocan. Always refer to the pen manual for detailed instructions and safety precautions.

Yocan Stix Pen Features:

Brand: Yocan

Model: Stix

Product Type: Oil Vape Pen

Battery Type: Integrated Rechargeable

Battery: 32OmAh

Variable Voltage: 3-Stage Level

Vaping Method: Conduction Heat

Mouthpiece: Plastic 

Airflow: Isolated Path

Single Button Operation

LED Indicator Light

5-Clicks: On-Off Switch

3-Clicks: Power Switch

Over-Discharge Protection

Short-Circuit Protection

Overcharge Protection

Charging Method: AC/USB [5.0V/500mA]

Charging: Micro-USB Port

Height: 108.8mm

Width: 11mm

Net Weight: 74.8g

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Silver

Yocan Stix Kit Includes:

1x Yocan Stix Pen

Yocan Stix Manual

The Yocan pen has over-discharge protection to protect the battery from being fully drained. The mod will auto-shutdown once the voltage falls under a certain point. Always charge the vape battery fully to prolong its lifespan, and only on a dry surface.

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