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Yocan Torch 2020 - Wax Vaporizer

Brand: Yocan
Product Code: Yocan Torch Wax Vaporizer
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Yocan Torch Wax Vaporizer Water Bong E-Nail

The Yocan Torch is a portable eNail that was beautifully reinvented to provide maximum portability and advanced heating features without a dome. With a variety of game-changing features, this device is able to completely change the way you vape.

Yocan Torch Design

The Yocan Torch has the same body as its older counterpart, featuring two different types of tubing that are designed to fit the user’s specific needs. The body of the device uses high-quality materials to provide extreme durability for even the longest sessions. As expected, the Yocan Torch wax vaporizer is also incredibly versatile. It's created to fit with nearly any accessory. For instance, the device works including a variety of bongs, water pipes, and different glasswork. Thanks to the glass bubbler pipe adapter, the device fits any glass attachments ranging between 18mm and 14mm without having any air leakage. Using a water attachment while vaping creates a wonderful opportunity to appreciate pure flavor with the excellent vapor production.

Yocan Torch Coils

With a quartz dual coil chamber and a quartz triple coil chamber, the device can meet all of your vaping expectations. These coils can heat the vapor at a higher temperature and a faster speed because of the quartz material. The quartz triple coil can reach a higher temperature, but the dual coil can retain more flavor. The glass within this compact eNail enhances the nature of the vapor when it is applied in combination with the quartz dual coil chamber.

Yocan Torch Benefits

Furthermore, the Yocan Torch has an immense amount of flexibility and control with airflow. It is critical to consider the effects of airflow on the vaping experience. While airflow is low, the device is able to heat up the concentrate and create a potent and pure vapor. Consequently, this provides a rich flavor but at a low density. However, when the airflow increases, the warm air created within the vaporizer combines with the cool external air to provide dense, large clouds with a slightly less potent result. Whether the user is looking to chase clouds or get a mouthful of flavor with every hit, unlike other wax pens for sale the Yocan Torch is able to satisfy the needs of anybody. The customization of the airflow is monitored by the metallic inner shaft of the device. The shaft contains an airflow control button at the upper end with simple and convenient functionality.

As a result of the device’s elaborate design, the chemicals do not create any harmful fumes or byproducts when heated. Therefore the glass prevents any contamination while maintaining good flavor retention. Having other materials within the vaporizer’s airflow can ruin the content of the vapor. This is due to the chemical interactions that occur within the product during heating. If you are a vape expert, the importance of maintaining purity and quality in the products you consume is critical.

Yocan Torch Battery

The Yocan Torch is powered by a 1100mAh rechargeable battery and it can be recharged through a Micro-USB port, in less than an hour the unit will be fully recharged. The fast charging time and the compact size are perfectly suitable for any dabbing occasion. If you are looking for a compact eNail with a lot of potentials, look no further. Today is the day to invest in a Yocan Torch, it’s time to change your whole vaping experience!

Yocan Torch Features:

Product: Wax eNail Vaporizer [ Aromatherapy Use ]

Brand: Yocan

Model: Torch 2020

Connections: 14mm - 18mm [ Male- Female Glass Joint ]

Battery Capacity: Integrated 1100mAh

Voltage Output: 3.8V

Wattage Output:

Temperature Control Settings: 200℉ - 750

Vaping Method: Convection

Coil Compatibility: Yocan Evolve Plus Coils

Coil Types: Dual Quartz, Triple Quartz, Ceramic Donut

Coil Installation: Screw-In

Airflow: Button Control

Child Lock Protection

5-Click: On / Off

3-Click: Voltage Switch

15sec Over Time Protection

Overcharge Protection

Over-Discharge Protection

Short Circuit Protection 

Charging: Micro-USB Cable [ 1-2 Hour Charging Time ]

Charging Type: AC/USB [ 5V/0.5A ]

Hеight: mm   

Width: mm

Depth: mm

Weight: g

Yocan Torch 2020 Includes:

1x Yocan Torch Device

1x Dual Quartz Evolve Plus Coil

1x Triple Quartz Regen Coil

1x Glass Tube

1x Metal Tube

Micro-USB Charging Cable

User Manual

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nicotine, which is known to be harmful in the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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