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E-liquids / E-juices more common flavors

E-liquids / E-juices more common flavors

E-liquids / E-juices are more common flavors

E-cigarettes are a very popular item this day; before the Vape pen "Electronic Cigarette" came out, you would usually see a lot of people smoking everywhere, but now this has changed, first because lots of countries are banning smoking in public places and because there’s a massive advertising campaign encouraging people to stop smoking, not only because it’s a bad habit, but also because it’s dangerous and bad for your health. So basically, E-cigarettes are helping many people around the world stop smoking, just because it’s healthier and because you can use your vaporizer everywhere because you are not releasing smoke, only vapor.

So, what are you vaping while you are using these E-Cigarettes? Well, that’s what E liquids or E juices are for. They have many components; nicotine is one of them. The dose will vary depending on your smoking addiction and how fast you want to quit.

But one of the advantages of the e liquids is that you can find them in different flavors, it doesn’t happen the same with cigarettes, which normally smell really bad, and if you want them in different flavors, you’ll get mint or something else, and that’s all. E liquids – juices come in a huge variety of flavors, from the most common, like vanilla or caramel, to more exotic ones like strawberry creme or a mix of berries and grapes.

You can find a lot of options on the internet, at different prices and in different flavors. Some companies offer the E-cigarette and the E juice – E-liquid together in a bundle. Others just offer e-liquids and specialize in creating new flavors, especially for you. So if you are thinking about quitting smoking, think about two things: You’ll feel better because you’ll be taking care of your health, but also, you’ll have fun finding your favorite e-liquid to use with your E-cigarettes.

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