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Myle Vape Review

Myle Vape Review

Myle Vape Review

This Myle vape review explains basic things; what is Myle and if it's worse to try. To be frank – lovely package from the first view. It comes with three items 1) an actual Myle pod system, 2) a USB charger 3) a user manual. It also comes with a one-year Warranty. And have extended battery life. As well as anti-leak technology. There are also several colors you can buy. Most common – gun metal and midnight black. Others are hot red and royal blue, and rose gold.

The Myle vape pod has blue light when you vape it. Three light indicators show charging level, three offer full charge, two are on par, and you need to recharge when it shows one. The design is amiable and slim and looks very portable. The Myle is a non-refillable closed vape pod system and tastes like Fume Extra. However, despite the differences, it hugely reminds Juul of Pax in many ways.


myle pod

It has a lovely little click when you put the pod system in. It has two battery bars.

myle pod system

Myle Vape Flavors

Let's see what kind of Myle vape flavors are available for this device. I have tried two Myle vape flavors – banana and tropical Mango, which are smoking right now, and both are good juice. The Myle vape flavors have a charming solid draw. I have tried many vape flavors besides that I described earlier and used here Cubano (it reminds me of chocolate in the end, I like they did it in the pod system as well, not only in sub-ohm tanks), Might mint. Mango's last two are exceptional tastes and highly recommended with that Myle disposable.

It has special packing for them, reminding me of that pod's solid package. The box even has a nice batch date. It helps you to see that juice was not just something already done for a few years. They put four such things in a pack, unlike other companies that just put two or three. They can be used even in regular sub-ohm tanks.

General Info of Myle Device

The whole body of the Myle vaping device is made of aluminum alloy with dimensions: 3.93 H x 0.74 W x 0.28 D. Pods hold a capacity of 0.9mL. So you can get about two hundred and forty puffs from each. As previously said, the Myle Pod system does not have a magnet; you will click it and lock it. So you have a lovely, tiny window to see your liquid here. It also comes with a 240mah battery, with the three lights you will see while vaping here. Those are battery power indicators.

As previously said, let me explain again – there are blue lights while you are vaping; for example, now it has two lights. It indicates that batteries have a power capacity lower than 45% but more than 11%. So when there are all three lights, it means it has more than 46%, and obviously, one light means time to charge cause now it has a critical 10% or even lower.

myle closed pod system

Cons of Myle Device

The first and m major issue of Myle electronic cigarette is that you need to have some pods separately. There is nothing in that small box with this thing, in that little kit. There should be a few, with like two or three at least. So, there is a need to buy pods to make it work; that's a con.

Another con right here. Charger. Yes, at first look, they did a decent job on it. It has strong magnets. But it would be best to always take that whole thing with you. And as we all know, Pod systems are all about portability, so there should be no need to carry something else altogether. There should be something like a micro USB charger.

The third con is probably the low liquid capacity, only 0.9 mils. So there is a significant need for a bigger one. Every other system I know has 1ml or even close to 2mL. So that's an absolute con.

The fourth one, by its nature, it's a closed-end Pod system. I am sure it will be a mess for some, and they must fill it themselves. So it'sIt'st a con, but I wanted to point out the cause; for some, it may be.

Pros of Myle Device

The first one is probably the lights. I love them, and I believe everyone else will do the same;) It'It'scellent work done with LED light indicator. These battery lights hold on for a few seconds after you take another poll. You can watch your battery life in real time. Well, you thought our thing and were a pro.

The second one is the looks and overall quality of the material; if you ever see or see it live, you will admit it. This thing is solid and made from alloy aluminum. But it also looks like a classy mod, like a small pod system.

Also – a fantastic set of flavors they provide for it. I tried a few and liked all of them.

The final point will be drawn, and the airflow overall. Again, Myle did an excellent job there.

What Is Myle

If you are looking for a pod system, it's of the best ones; no do, however, if. If there were a list of tops, I would say it would be in the top 5. That is my opinion about the pros and cons above, and yours may vary, but I tried to state the facts after using it.

Let's review all with its specification once again.

Size (in.) w/Pod: 3.93 H x 0.74 W x 0.28 D

1 Year Warranty

MYLE Pod Capacity (0.9ml – 5% nicotine by volume – Not Included)

240mAh Internal Battery

LED Indicator

USB charging dock included

It'It'sl available for an average price of $29.99 plus shipping. Pods are available in packs of four items and sold for $17.99 + shipping. You can also buy a USB charger separately for $11.99.

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