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Benefits of Pod systems

Benefits of Pod systems

The very first vapes were done to look like usual cigarettes. That would totally make sense as they were designed to help people quit smoking or at least reduce it. It didn’t take long for companies and people itself to begin changing their devices with bigger batteries, new shapes and larger tanks for juice.

Very early types of vaping hardware

It’s all starts in 2005 in China, first commercial e-cig. It was done with the help of ultrasonic atomizer to turn propylene glycol to vapor with nicotine in mix of course. Next big thing in vaping world happened in UK, two brothers make cartomizer developed and wick was used here for transporting e-liquid to heating place (coil) and that will create vapor.

Such atomizers remain the choice, for those who love feeling of dripping on the heating element. That way there is no need for some space for liquid. Feedback says it gives you very clean vaping experience. The drawback of this method is that it very long-time process, you can’t pull it out – vape and device.

Cartomizer will take much more juice than atomizer. About ten pieces of drops vs just a few, it makes it much more suitable for use. They use different method for wicking and can be obtained already with e-juice.

They usually use two coils for heating, this wastes battery life quick though, which logically bring us to connect batteries of higher capacity with early mods.

Well, and next step was clearomizer – it uses some glass or transparent plastic, so you can see how much liquid left in vape. They also have much bigger capacity than cartomizers and atomizers, starting from 2.5 ml and even up to 5ml, so you don’t have to refill that much.

That devices become everyday tool of professional vapers – they have more juice, handle more batteries and easy to change parts like coils and such when needed.

Still, if you want something purest go for atomizer, for best pro experience overall – clearomizer and if you like pre-fill e-juice cartridges you will need cartomizer.

Pod systems

They are top trend now, you can buy juice pods with lot of flavors, make yours, use same battery and even same jigs and coils. That so-called reservoir which comes with pods include heating system and wicking elements is come as one component, one piece while mouthpiece, batteries and etc as other.

If you select Pod system with heating and wicking, you will not have problems with flavor switching (piece of last flavor won’t be left). It makes whole process very easygoing. Also, will be no problems with cleaning coils, etc.

Lot of pod systems already have draw on, you shouldn’t even need power button. It’s all comes with a wide range of manufacturers and lot of styles.

Actual advantages over

Main thing that you can carry some additional pods with pre-filled e-juice for daily vaping routine. When you are done with first one, just disconnect it from that “mouthpiece” and attach next one and go on. Lot of pods will fit your pocket, while some other are biggy and hold more juice.

It varies when you need bigger battery, but you can always plug usb charger at the car or at the work to recharge. It goes with every device.

Decent number of pod system are closed. That means you can buy only pre-filled mods. It may be suitable but limit your options.

If you really want flexibility go for a pod system which allows you to refill all that flavors. In the perspective it’s also very economical cause you don’t need to buy new each time.

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