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What is a Preheat Mode? Is it good for concentrated oil cartridges? Let's figure it out.

What is a Preheat Mode? Is it good for concentrated oil cartridges? Let's figure it out.

What is a Preheat Mode? Is it suitable for concentrated oil cartridges? Let's figure it out.

It's one of the most valuable settings for mini atomizers with concentrated oils. In most cases, it is activated with two clicks and will work continuously for about 15 seconds, and all you'll need to do is draw. When the Preheat Mode is active, the coil will heat up instantly and keep the optimal temperature (400-420F) before regular use, which will avoid combustion. 

The Preheat Mode is known to be similar to the Temperature Control function. However, the preheat will let you electronic cigarette at lower wattage with just as good vapor production, giving you a more consistent vape and battery life. When using cartridges with concentrated oils, the Preheat Mode will let you consume the whole cartridge without causing dry heat at the end. It will also prolong the coil's life and produce a cleaner, better taste.

The Preheat Mode can be found in

Vapmod Magic 710, Vapmod Vmod, Pluto iMini, and more.

The Downside Of Preheat Mode

The downside is that the Preheat Mode is incompatible with battery atomizers with resistance over 1 Ohm. However, they are luckily not too popular.ry

The benefits of the Preheat Mode 

The benefits are no combustion, pure taste, longer life of vaping coils, and allowing you to take all the oil leftovers without dry heat.
The Preheat Mode is one of the most beneficial settings that help you use your precious oils economically, saving you lots of money.

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