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Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better for You?

Vaping vs. Smoking Pot: Which is Better for You?

Most people dive into vaping or smoking pot for pleasure, treatment, or therapeutic relief. However, regardless of your reasons, the benefits may come at a risk of compromising your health or safety. The debate on vaping vs. smoking has become a never-ending debate. To help end this dilemma, we look at the differences and benefits that set them apart.

Over the recent past years, vaping or vaporizing has gained a lot of popularity. Vaping primarily refers to the heating of dry herb while being careful not to burn it. Applying heat to the pot activates ingredients and turns them into vapor inhaled as a fine mist through the vaporizing device.

Smoking, on the other hand, is an ageless practice used to enjoy the benefits of pot. In the matter of deciding which is better, it's not easy as the choice is subjective. It is because the two methods are very different, especially regarding the experience.

Below we will compare vaping vs. smoking pot so that you are at liberty to stand firm with your smoke or to embrace vaping to your satisfaction.

1. Health Concerns

Everyone knows about the various health issues associated with smoking. The major one being lung cancer. Besides this, smoking pot can also cause respiratory problems because it releases carcinogens, irritants, and toxins.

Smoking pot involves holding your breath after deep smoke inhales to give the chance to circulate in the system. Unfortunately, this can erode the cell lining of the airways, thus leading to coughing, wheezing, and various other problems.

So is vaping better than smoking? Not by a long short because vaping can cause bronchial spasms, which is why asthmatic people steer clear of vaping. Additionally, the vaporizer devices are not the same, where some are of inferior quality. Such inferior products may lead to toxins entering your lungs. Make sure you check reviews regarding various dry herb vaporizers from GypsyVapes and buy wisely. 

Though there are various health concerns for both methods, it's clear that vaping takes the first round of health concerns because vaping is less detrimental to your health than smoking.

2. Environmental Concerns

In this section, we will consider the problem of second-hand smoke. The good news is that with vaping, second-hand smoking is not a thing. Therefore, it has no hazardous gas released to the environment.

In contrast, vaporizing takes the other end in disposing of components such as batteries. Since not all its parts are recyclable special treatment must be made at their disposal.

3. Convenience

A vaporizer comes first regarding practicality. Let's look at the various ways of ease of use.

  • Preparation

All you need with your vaporizer is to ensure that it has ground herbs and a charged vape. Smoking requires more prepping where you have to roll the joint and to have a lighter with you at all times.

  • Discreet

A vaping device is much larger than a joint, but it's far more discreet than joints. As a result, they are unlikely to attract as much attention as a joint. Similarly, when vaporizing, there is no scent. In comparison, a joint requires a shower and a change of clothes if you do not want the smell to attract attention.

4. Maintenance

All you need to enjoy smoking is a pot and a piece of paper. Once you roll it up, you will only need a match to light it up. Vaping, on the other hand, has a long to-do list.

  • Cleaning: a vape requires cleaning after a few vaping sessions.
  • Battery: though you do not need a lighter for your vaping device, you will have to ensure that you have charged batteries if you wish to enjoy your pot away from a wall socket.
  • Breaking down: a vape pen may put a halt to your enjoyment once it breaks down.

5. Quality High

Vaping gives you a more significant and better high. Since you can regulate the temperatures when vaping, you can enjoy the cannabinoids and terpenes to the maximum. However, during smoking, the fire burns up most of the compounds, and as such, you experience less entourage effect. It is also the reason why vaping has a stronger flavor. Vaping causes a faster, longer-lasting, and stronger high because it retains about 95%.

6. Efficiency

Smoking burns up your stash more quickly than vaping. Vaping pot causes very little terpenes and wastage, and also it cooks much slower than a lighted joint. With vaping, you use up small amounts of pot, and you extract all. These choices work for most of the users.

A study claims that heating cannabinoids at lower temperatures produce pure byproducts.


In vaping vs. smoking, there is no definite winner, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. It all boils down to your preference, whereby if you are looking for a special way to enjoy your pot, then vaping is the best choice for you. However, if you are looking for a cheap way to get thoroughly baked, smoking will get you there.

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