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Does vaping cause eye problems

Does Vaping Affect Your Eye Health?

Globally, vision issues are increasing among adults. According to recent World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, over two billion people suffer from eye health problems. Interestingly, about half of this population’s vision concerns are preventable. This underscores the importance of recognizing risk factors that can impact eye health. If you want to know the answer to the question, does vaping affect your eye health? Read on.

Understanding the connection between vaping and vision

While there is no indisputable evidence that proves vaping can negatively impair vision, it has been found to influence other aspects of health that are connected to the eyes. For starters, there are links between vaping and hypertension. Specifically, vaping with nicotine has been found to escalate heart rates and constrict blood vessels. For the eyes, this can damage the nerves and cause fluid buildup. Over time, this may lead to vision loss or distortion.

Aside from this, because vaping involves heated e-juice vapor, it can cause dry eyes due to reduced moisture. Although this is widely considered a short-term manifestation for most people, dry eyes can still cause significant discomfort. Notably, this can lead to itching, redness, fatigue, and even light sensitivity.

Finally, those who are already at risk of eye conditions like glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) may find that vaping exacerbates their symptoms. This is usually attributed to the fact that vaping may alter blood oxygenation, which deals with ocular nerve health. A study published in 2021 found that vaping a mint-flavored e-cigarette for only five minutes can affect oxygen levels.


Can you still vape while minding your vision?

Given the above, while vaping has been connected to some eye health risks, there are ways to address these concerns without cutting out the habit entirely. Here are a few ways how:

Invest in protective eyewear

  • As mentioned earlier, exposure to vapor over extended periods can cause issues. In line with this, investing in quality protective eyewear can help prevent heated vapor from entering the eyes. This is especially important if you already have vision issues that can worsen with dryness. You don’t need specialty equipment here. Instead, you can opt for a pair of heat-resistant wraparound glasses. Thanks to their design, these glasses can limit the amount of vapor entering your eyes from virtually all angles. Their heat-resistant nature also ensures they’re safe from any burns or warping from your vape. Since vapor can also result in photosensitivity, you may consider upgrading your wraparounds into prescription sunglasses. As demonstrated by Oakley, this eyewear style takes your preferred sunglasses model and adds on your specific prescription so you can enjoy vision protection and correction. Additionally, if you get a pair like the wraparound Half Jacket, you can utilize polarized prescription lenses, reducing glare that can be extra painful for those suffering from dry eyes. Such eyewear mitigates vapor-related vision problems, allowing you to vape peacefully.

Lubricate your eyes with drops

  • In line with using protective eyewear, you still want to help balance your eyes’ moisture levels. This is so your eyes are protected inside and out. While blinking more often is helpful, you’ll want to compensate for blood vessel constriction and lowered oxygenation. Some ophthalmologists may prescribe oral medications that are more potent, but many drops can also effectively lubricate the eyes.
  • Depending on your specific vision circumstances, you may be prescribed an eye drop to soothe the eye and increase tear production. To illustrate, the Miebo eye drops are designed to create an artificial shield on the eyes that slows down how quickly your tears evaporate. When used in tandem with protective eyewear, this can ensure the eyes are safer from drying out. Alternatively, even over-the-counter artificial tears offer the benefit of moisture while rinsing out any debris or heated vapor that may irritate the eyes.

Practice more mindful vape habits

  • Last but not least, how you vape matters, too. Since overly high wattages and nicotine levels are more at fault for vision issues than vaping itself, you’ll want to address these. Most pod systems have settings that allow you to lower the wattage. For instance, the UD Balrog 70W TC starter kit features an LED display that lets you easily control your vape's power. This has the added benefit of preventing burnt coils, making your experience more pleasant overall.
  • Apart from this, choose e-juices with lower nicotine levels. Brands like the Airis Puff only have 2% nicotine, which reduces the risk of consuming too much of the chemical. It’s also important to practice moderation with your vaping so it remains an enjoyable habit.

How To Avoid Eye Problems Wile Vaping?

Your eyes may suffer from vaping, as it can lead to dryness, discomfort, swelling, and more chances of getting eye diseases. To avoid or lessen these issues, you can do the following:

  • Choose a well-ventilated place to vape so the air has less harmful chemicals.
  • Stay away from crowded places when vaping so that you don't breathe in other people's vape smoke.
  • Wear a mask or a face shield to shield your eyes from vape smoke.
  • Don't touch your eyes while vaping so that you don't spread bacteria from your hands to your eyes.
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants, such as fruits, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Apply artificial tears or ointment to keep the eye surface moist.
  • See your eye doctor often for exams and tests.

The best way to avoid eye problems from vaping is to stop vaping completely. Vaping, like smoking, can damage your eyes and your overall health. If you want to quit vaping, you can check out [this website] for help and guidance.


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