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What Are Nicotine Salts ?

What Are Nicotine Salts ?

What Are Nicotine Salts

The vaping industry is constantly changing, bringing innovation every time. Some are failures, but others stick around. Things like sub-ohm vaping are still a trend, and squonk combined with RDA is still there. It's hard to make a difference between actual events, but tell me a proven fact – what are nicotine salts a real story?

The whole concept seems unreal, but the hype is real, so let's try to discover it more profoundly. We need to thank JUUL for that; they did a ton of marketing for all that, having the most robust set of 50mL e-liquids out there.

Before going into the details of this Nic salt, let's analyze some feedback from users who used them.

Upsides of using Nicotine Salts

  1. For instance, the Fume Extra delivers more nicotine in one puff. That means people who want to quit smoking using vapes can save on vape juice.
  2. Vapers like something that can be like the whole smoking process, but not like that, correct? Nic salts provide exact sensation even with some small devices on the vape market.
  3. Regular juice makes you feel your throat on fire when nicotine levels increase. With nic salts, that issue is curbed.
  4. All vape pens have grown in parameters in the last few years, so people applied for Biggy. There is no more need for that – nicotine salts work everywhere, especially in smaller devices such as Airis Max or similar vape pods.

Actual definition

nic salt alchemy

Most people have never heard about nicotine salts, but they have existed for a long time. It's the most natural type of nicotine, holding water. If you saw the picture above, it's no wonder you haven't heard about nicotine salt or know its nature. For example, tobacco leaves contain nicotine salts only and no pure freebase nicotine.

Tobacco leaves have two types of nicotine – monoprotonated and deprotonated—nicotine bonds with some acid in the plant to create a much more stable molecule. So, nicotine salt is the result of that bonding. So, depending on the acid, you will get different nicotine salts.

Let's discover how we get the usual nicotine because we do not have these salts in typical cigs or vapes.

Nicotine Salts vs Juice

As we all know, freebase nicotine was invented sometime in the 1960s and was utterly unprotonated. Philipp Morris researched that area to make cigs more potent and addictive for making people the habit of smoking. Instead, they've added ammonia to the mix. So now you know where the nicotine in the e-liquid comes from, and the vaping industry is capitalizing on that.

nicotine freebase

Nicotine Salts are not highly available to get. They are not that easily absorbed by the human body, so their addictive values are not as high as regular nicotine. Nicotine in usual modern cigs is freebase and increases its bioavailable qualities. Freebase nicotine also impacts dopamine more, making it release more than salts.


All that means that you don't know that nicotine salts existed long ago; they weren't just "addictive" enough, and companies are now "improving" the formula to hook you up.

Why it's on trend again

This trend started a few years ago when PAX (developer of JUUL) invented a new formula for pod systems. There was a problem with promotion because vaping is for people to quit smoking. Vaping is still like smoking.

Usual vape juices are available in amounts of less than 24mg. It's because it has a lot of acids and will be bad for your throat. So, it will be next to impossible to vape 50mg of vape juice, which gives a nice amount of vapor.

But JUUL small salt new pods are 59mg and still give a decent amount of nicotine. Also, nicotine salts there are bioavailable as in usual cigs. So how is it even possible?

The solution will be in the acids PAX used for that. As already said, different acids can be attached to nicotine, and the result will differ each time. This vape firm used benzoic acid for all that nicotine salt production with thorough testing to see if it would match freebase nicotine.

After many tests, it was confirmed that all was fine – the amount of nicotine and time to accumulate it in blood will be comparable with usual cigs.

blood nicotine

Though there was one side effect to all this, this addition of benzoic acid lowered the value of Ph. Vape to become much smoother. PAX killed two birds with one stone, making it one of the most robust liquids that can be used without coughing.

Nicotine Salts Side Effects

Let's return to the purpose for which Nic Salts were created; it was a strong draw from small portable devices. Things like JUUL makes were perfect for them. Any small power device will work, the tank will work, and you can try your old vape pen and M2 tank setup. If you own the enormous power device, you shouldn't be disappointed either; you must buy a lower nicotine salt concentration, around 18mg, and get the same experience.

Now, let's determine if nicotine salts are safe despite the late vaping hysteria. Well, they are as secure as our usual regular cigarette nicotine.

There are still a few notes I need to add 1. They are more addictive than regular vape juice because they quickly lead to higher nicotine blood. 2. Side effects of benzoic acid still need to be researched well. It's not toxic to humans, but you need to be cautious. It can start coughing or some other allergic reactions. 3. Overall negative media effect: media constantly uses that to make stories that vape manufacturers again made some miracle to make it more "addictive."

Who is the target audience?

Of course, everyone wants to try every new thing in the vaping industry. But Nicotine Salts are not for everyone. You should try them if you are: 1. If regular vaping is not for you for some reason and you are looking for solid e-liquids. 2. You have your old sub-ohm tank and want a smoother vaping experience (you need to look for up to 18mg nic salts). 3. You want more money spent on this. 4. You have some small pod device and want something else that will not bring big clouds simultaneously.

This is not for solid power vapers. You may mistakenly take this smoother feeling, but high nic content plus high power will harm your health, such as throat hits and widespread poisoning.  

Where to buy?

This is new, so your closest vaping shop may not have them yet. The best way is to look online for them. There are a few companies already selling them below.

  1. CRFT – They do have like nine available flavors, mostly fruit ones. All come in a forty mg package and are ready to use.
  2. Airship Nicotine Salt – a lot of choices available. Five strengths of flavor (more than 30 of which are presented)
  3. Mr. Salt – 45 and 25 mg strength and more than 25 flavors. Good for newbies and very affordable.
  4. Lovely stock items from Liquid Nicotine Wholesalers – it's unflavored and varies in capacity from one to hundred mg/ml.
  5. Salt Nix is located in Canada and has every flavor from fruits to original tobacco, totaling eight vape juice flavors—packages of 40 and 20 mg/ml are available.
  6. Bombies released a new salt line called After Dark; they have eight different vape juice flavors with 15 and 30 mg strength.
  7. Dr. Salt. E-liquids are US-based, with all flavors, from fruits to desserts. Forty-five and twenty-five mg/ml nicotine levels. Fourteen totals, if I am not mistaken.
  8. Saltnic – that one search for yourself.

But you can look no further and try out the salt nic category of our store. We also have a good set right here and now!


One main point is that nicotine salts are having some market now, and the primary audience will be beginner vapers looking to quit. Will it replace usual vapes? That is not likely, as salts are still one of their favorite things and are unsafe. However, a lot more vape producers will gain more audience this year. Feel free to try the places above and let us know your experience.

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What are nic salts?

We all know the existence of nic salts and their purpose in vaping, but we do not know what they are and how good they are for us. Generally, nic salts are naturally establishing nicotine discovered in tobacco leaves. In addition, nic salts are the most profoundly organized way to distribute nicotine to your body in a simple but, at the same time, chemically complex way. Knowing what nic salts are, you may wonder if they are safe for our bodies. Read the following lines to find out!

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