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The Benefits Of Vaping For Older Smokers

Over 16 million Americans are living with a smoking-related disease. Although people from all age groups smoke, 70% of all deaths related to smoking happen to people over 60, CDC statistics reveal. That means the consequences of smoking (cancer, lung damage, heart disease, and overall poor health) are most felt by the elderly. In order to reduce their tobacco intake and/or quit smoking altogether, many older people are now turning to vaping instead. 

Vaping to Quit smoking

Regular cigarettes are brimming with as many as 7,000 toxic chemicals. Alternatively, e-cigarettes are made by extracting nicotine from tobacco and adding it to chemicals and flavorings to create a simple water vapor to be inhaled. Although it’s not yet sure exactly how many chemicals vaping exposes you to, it’s much less than what you get from regular tobacco cigarettes. Moreover, e-cigarettes have been found more effective in helping people quit smoking than conventional nicotine-replacement products, such as patches and gum, a new randomized study of British adults published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals. When combined with one-on-one behavior therapy, e-cigarettes were found to be almost twice as effective as the “gold standard” combination of nicotine replacement products. Vaping is, therefore, a great option for seniors looking to quit smoking and regain their health. 

Helps maintain a healthy lifestyle

Staying fit and healthy is incredibly important in later life — it pays off emotionally, physically, and even financially as you can avoid expensive medical bills. Vaping can play an important part in keeping a healthy and cost-effective lifestyle. It gives you complete control of your nicotine intake — whether it’s low-strength or completely nicotine free — and there’s something for every budget. You’ll be able to start off with high-strength and gradually reduce and then eliminate your nicotine intake. Since you’re no longer exposed to combustion, tar, or ash, vaping can allow seniors to finally experience the health benefits of a smoke-free life — improved lung capacity, better circulation, healthier teeth and skin, and more.  

Vaping is also quick and convenient. At the simple push of a button, seniors can quickly put an end to cravings. The average vape lasts throughout the day with a full battery without you needing to spare it a second thought. It’s never too late to quit smoking, no matter your age. And vaping can help you do just that. Your body will finally be able to heal and repair, so you can enjoy a better quality of life in your golden years.  

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