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Vaping 101: A Complete Beginner’s Guide


Vaping has become very popular in the last few years. Everyone from celebrities to your mom has gotten into it or at the very least heard of it. The reasons behind vaping’s popularity are numerous, and one of the biggest ones is the fact that you can buy cheap e juice extracted from any hemp strain for vaping, but we’re not here to discuss how the hobby got there in the first place. We’re here to discuss a beginners guide to vaping.


Many people view vaping as an exciting thing but can be intimidated as the gadget may seem complicated at first. We assure you there is nothing overly complicated about it, and anybody can get into it. We’re going to give you a quick overview of the most common steps people take when starting to vape, so you know what to do. 

Learning the inhalation technique


Some people will experience an adaptation period when they switch to vaping. 


The biggest trick to vaping is learning to get the right level of vapor from a drag. Getting this wrong can result in a bad vaping experience. You can’t hurt yourself by inhaling wrong, but you can cause yourself to cough intensely, get a severe throat hit, nausea, and more. Getting an intense nicotine rush is also quite prominent with beginners.


The right way to inhale depends on the device you are using and the setting you have it on. We recommend you experiment a bit without taking strong puffs and by setting your device to a low setting. This will allow you to experiment and find out how the device works in practice. 

When it comes to inhaling techniques, two methods are universally used with all devices. Let’s take a close look at them and see what makes them unique:


  1. Direct-lung vaping

This is the most straightforward way to vape. You inhale the vapor from your device directly into your lungs. Don’t hold it; exhale it right away. 


A word of caution, this approach causes a big throat hit and can be overbearing for some beginners. It also creates a lot of vapor when exhaled and is perfect for those that want to get into cloud chasing. 


This technique is mostly used in sub-ohm devices and mods, and these devices use high VG juice, so make sure to check if your device falls into the category before deciding to use this approach. 


  1. mouth-to-lung vaping

The second technique is much more beginner-friendly. You take a big drag, hold the vapor in your mouth for a couple of seconds, inhale it into your lungs and exhale. We hold the vapor in our mouths to get a stronger taste and enjoy the aroma. 


Don’t consider this to be a technique exclusively meant for beginners. There are a lot of experienced vapers out there that only use MTL vaping. As we previously mentioned, the method depends on the device type you are using, and in this case, high-ohm devices work perfectly. 


Vape pod systems are most common with users, and due to that, the MTL technique is quite common. These devices usually use juices that have a higher ratio of PG. 


If you are in it for the taste, this is the right choice. 

General tips for a better experience


The draw is crucial and is the one thing that most people tend to have difficulty with if they haven’t done it in the past. The trick is to draw in a stable and uninterrupted drag of vapor. Try not to overdo it, though. Decide on the intensity of your drag and keep it steady until you fill your mouth. After that, you can think about inhaling the vapor into your lungs. 


This most significant issue is overdoing it, as that can cause you to cough and lose control of your breath. Dragging too hard can also cause raw e juice to be pulled through your device and into your mouth. This isn’t a pleasant experience and is something to be avoided. 


Finally, try not to pick out too extravagant e juice tastes as a beginner. Go for something a bit more down-to-earth till you feel you got your vaping technique down. Strong tasting juice can cause distractions and make it difficult to control yourself while practicing. 


It is not too tricky to learn to vape, but it takes some experience to turn it into second nature. If you are still not sure you can pull it off, you can always ask the employees for assistance or buy your gear online and ask through customer support. Furthermore, you can find hundreds if not thousands of instructional videos to help you learn how to do it properly. Good Luck!

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